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Cost of Data

What is the cost of data?

The following costs apply when obtaining data:
Commercial tariffs apply to potential clients, like potential permit/rights owners and companies or individuals who use the data to do an investigation or evaluation with the purpose of selling such products for financial gain.

Copy cost rates apply to existing permit holders, SA Governmental Bodies and Academic Institutions.

All interested parties, who requires access to data, needs to sign a confidentiality agreement (CA), Confidentiality undertakings or contracts may differ depending on the nature or the use of such data.

What is the delivery and payment procedure?

Upon receipt of a request for purchase of data, the Manager Information Services will compile a quotation based on standard rates as set out in the Data Release Policy and according to prevailing data catalogues and pricelist.

The relevant Data Confidentiality and Data Sales Agreement needs to be signed by an authorised representative of the requesting party and approved by PASA’s CEO.

Only upon receipt of an accepted quotation will copies of data be generated and shipped together with a transmittal note.

The accepted quotation will be used to request an invoice for the payment of data after delivery.



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