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Public Consultation


The Minister of Mineral Resources has imposed a restriction on the granting of applications for technical co-operation permit, exploration right and production right over designated areas. The designated areas are depicted on the plan attached as Annexure I.
Importantly, the restriction will not affect the processing of applications for reconnaissance permits, technical co-operation permits, exploration and production rights received before the date of publication.

See the latest copy of the moratorium

Public Consultation

The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 (Act no. 28 of 2002) (“Act”) as amended by the Mineral and Resources Development Act, 2008 (Act 49 of 2008), signifies the importance that the legislation places on consultation as a factor of public participation and transparency, both before and after the granting of exploration and production rights. Accordingly, applicants are required to undertake consultation with communities, interested and affected parties and submit results thereof to the Regulator.  Consultation serves to provide the necessary and enabling tools for interested and affected parties to protect their rights.
These consultation guidelines are meant to serve as a tool to assist public to understand the public consultation process as prescribed by the Act. 

Consultation Guidlines 2016

NEMA EIA Public Participation Guidelines

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