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  • We are proud to be South African Open or Close

    How do we demonstrate that we are proud to be South African?

    By ...

    • Active support for national initiatives aimed at nation-building.
    • Participating under the umbrella of 'Proudly South African'.
  • Empowering, vibrant workplace Open or Close

    How do we ensure an empowering, vibrant workplace?

    By ...

    • Respecting and living our values.
    • Appropriate delegation of authority and assignment of responsibility.
    • Making optimum use of staff members' talents.
    • Teamwork.
    • Ongoing development of all staff members (education, membership of associations, etc).
    • Retention of staff.
    • Provision for people with disabilities.
    • Maintaining an effective Consultation Forum.
    • Celebrating social events such as monthly birthday lunches, year-end functions, and sharing achievements and winning experiences.
    • Ensuring that staff has the resources and technology to enable efficiency.
    • Awareness amongst all staff members about policies and procedures.
  • Active Regard for the natural environment Open or Close

    How do we show an active regard for the natural environment?

    By ...

    • Monitoring environmental compliance.
    • Participating in activities aimed at creating awareness and preserving the environment.
    • Responsible exploitation of our natural resources.
  • Teamwork Open or Close

    How do we work as a team?

    By ...

    • Keeping staff members informed.
    • Consulting staff members in decision-making.
    • Developing the knowledge and skills of staff members.
    • Valuing the roles and responsibilities of staff members.
    • Acknowledging contributions made.
    • Actively assisting and supporting one another.
  • Respect Open or Close

    How do we demonstrate respect toward one another?


    • Acknowledging and greeting one another.
    • Treating each other with human dignity.
    • Valuing diversity (e.g. cultural, religious and gender diversity)
    • Respect for company resources and company time.
  • Transparency Open or Close

    How do we create a transparent environment?

    By ...

    • Communicating the processes through which decisions were reached on all staff-related issues.
    • Declaring external interests, gifts and relationships to address conflicts of interest.
    • Communicating and making available all updated policies and procedures to all staff members.
    • Continuing to make information such as license application procedures accessible to all prospective clients/interest parties.
  • Value Statement Open or Close

    Petroleum Agency SA aspires to be a world class organisation, committed to:

    • Professional Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Direct, Open, Consultative Communication
    • Transparency
    • Respect
    • Teamwork
    • Active Regard for Our Natural Environment
    • Corporate Social Responsibility in an Empowering, Vibrant Workplace Where Diversity Is Valued.

    We are proud to be South African!

    A World Class Organisation

    How do we realise our aspiration to be a world-class organisation?

    by ...

    • Adhering to global standards.
    • Retaining the highest level of competent staff.
    • Working towards international recognition in all spheres of the Agency's business.
    • Actively contributing to the development of the SA oil and gas industry world­wide.

    Professional Excellence

    How do we behave with professional excellence?

    by ...

    • Excellent service to our clients.
    • Keeping up to date with latest developments.
    • Treating each other with the same respect and professionalism as we treat our clients.
    • Adherence to confidentiality agreements.

    Full compliance with all appropriate industry regulations and standards.


    How do we behave with integrity?

    by ...

    • Being congruent in what we say and what we do.
    • Being honest and truthful.
    • Being consistent and equitable in applying policies and practices.
    • Being accountable and accepting responsibility.
    • Continually questioning ourselves whether our behaviour is in line with the company's values.

    Direct, Open Consultative Communication

    How do we communicate in a direct, open and consultative manner?

    by ...

    • Addressing issues openly, direct and in good time.
    • Being approachable and open to constructive feedback.
    • Relevant involvement of staff members when decisions are made.
    • Constructively making colleagues aware of their behaviour that clashes with the values.
  • Our Strategy Open or Close
    • Increasing Exploration Activity
    • Sustainability
    • Advocacy
    • Digital Transformation
    • Operational Excellence
  • Our Mission Open or Close

    To promote, facilitate and regulate exploration and sustainable development of oil and gas contributing to energy security in South Africa.

  • Our Vision Open or Close

    A diverse upstream industry contributing to energy security through sustainable growth in exploration and development of oil and gas.

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