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Petroleum Exploration Information and Opportunities

In any economic analysis, South Africa stands out as the most developed nation in Africa as well as one of the richest.

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Exploration Opportunity Brochures


Gamtoos Basin
The onshore-offshore Gamtoos basin is one of five Mesozoic sedimentary sub-basins of the greater Outeniqua Basin situated along the southern margin of South Africa.

Orange Basin
The Orange Basin lies off the west coast of Southern Africa and covers an area of approximately 
160 000km2, defined by its infill post-rift sediments.

East Coast Basin
The Tugela study area, comprising 48798 km2, contains 14 exploration licence blocks 2500 km2 in areal extent, and 8 partial blocks.

Northern Pletmos Basin
The Pletmos Basin is one of 5 sub-basins situated in the Outeniqua Basin off the south coast of South Africa (Figure 1) and covers approximately 18000 km2.

Western Bredasdorp Basin
The western extent of the Bredasdorp Basin has significant hydrocarbon potential.



Petroleum Potential of the Karoo Basins
The Karoo Supergroup of Late Carboniferous to Middle Jurassic age (320-180 Ma) occupies half of South Africa's surface area...

Regional Compilation of Gravity & Magnetic Data
The Petroleum Agency SA (PASA) acts as the regulator for petroleum exploration onshore and offshore South Africa.

Coalbed Methane Resource Potential
Permian high-volatile bituminous coal deposits in the northern Karoo-aged basins comprises a potential energy resource for South Africa.

Biogenic Gas Resource Potential
Development of a natural gas resource in the Free State, South Africa.


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